3M 8110 SMALL 8210 Design n95 Respirators 20 ct

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3m-logo.gif 3M 8110 SMALL Design
N95 Respirators
20 Count
Our 3M® 8110 small 8210 design N95 respirators are some of the smallest respirators that we carry. They're also incredibly lightweight, so they don't feel very heavy on your face. Although these products are very similar to the 3M® 8210 N95 respirators, they feature a much smaller size.

For maximum comfort, these masks arrive with two elastic straps, and they also have an adjustable nose clip. Safety is very important, and respirators don't provide adequate protection when they don't fit properly. The size of many respirators can make it difficult for smaller individuals to get a complete seal.

The respirators on this page have several features that increase fit and comfort. Our small 8110 respirators are quite small and designed to fit a small adult face. Although these respirators are made for small facial profiles, they're not made for children. The 3M® respirators are effective at preventing the inhalation of various airborne biological particles.

They're commonly used for protection against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Bacillus anthracis and mold. Some common applications that these respirators might be used for are stockpiling, pandemic preparedness planning and emergency situations. These small N95 particulate respirators are affordable, protective and convenient.
  • Great for stockpiling and emergency preparedness planning
  • Can be used for protection against many biological particles
  • Prevents the inhalation of mold particles
  • Features adjustable nose clip and two elastic straps
  • Comfortable and secure
  • NIOSH Approval Number TC-84A-0007

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3M 8110 SMALL Design
N95 Respirators
20 Count
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