3M 5000 Half Face Respirator Kits Large Size

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3m-logo.gif 3M 5000
Half Face Respirator Kits
Large Size
Our 3M® 5000 large half-face respirator kits are designed to fit bigger head sizes. These respirators offer all of the same features that you'd get from our 53P71 models, but they feature a larger size. These kits come with all of the parts that you need to get set up, and you get everything inside of a convenient bag.

The process for setting up these respirators is very easy, and it consists of unpacking the parts, assembling the filters on both sides and adjusting the respirator to fit. The 3M® 5000 large respirator kits are used for a variety of applications.

Some of the top applications for these masks are spraying pesticides, spray painting, product transportation, worksite construction and light industrial work. There are several features that make these respirator kits top products. Before making a purchase, you should know that these respirators are designed for short-term usage.

Since they're meant to be used for short-term applications, you can throw them away when you're done with the application. The 3M® 5000 disposable respirators are great for applications that involve organic vapor, and each respirator comes in a convenient kit.

When properly fitted, the half face Respirator Kits provide respiratory protection from organic vapors and particulates up to 10 times the (PEL) Permissible Exposure Limit. Not for use in environments that are (IDLH) immediately dangerous to life or health
  • Designed for short-term applications
  • Protects against organic vapor
  • Disposable
  • Arrives in a convenient kit
  • Great for worksite construction, product transportation and spray painting

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3M 5000
Half Face Respirator Kits
Large Size
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