28 Inch Pack and Pop Incident Cones With Light (Single)

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28 Inch
"Pack and Pop"
Incident Cones With Light
These 28-inch pack and pop incident cones come with a light, so they can bring visibility to an area that would normally be difficult to see. Incident cones are used every day, and they're great for blocking off accidents on the highway.

Unlike several alternative products, these cones aren't rigid and large, so they're easy to fit inside of a smaller trunk. If you don't have space in the trunk, you can store them under your car seats. With a compact design, they'll fit almost anywhere. Our incident cones are frequently used by contractors and truck drivers, but they can be used by anyone who needs them. They're especially useful for low-light conditions because they increase an area's visibility. Incident cones work best during the night because they have lights on them. These cones meet MUTCD standards, and they're made of orange waterproof nylon.

For easier storage, each cone can be collapsed into a flat position. These incident cones have an internal light, which is capable of flashing 100,000 times. Since there is no way to know when an emergency will occur, it's better to be prepared with some of these cones.
  • Can be collapsed into flat position for convenient storage
  • Meets MUTCD standards for safety
  • Internal light can flash 100,000 times
  • Great for increasing visibility in dark conditions
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28 Inch
"Pack and Pop"
Incident Cones With Light


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