22 Oz High Temp glove 14 inch (PAIR)

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22 Ounce
High Temp Gloves
14 inch

If you need gloves that are capable of handling high temperatures, these are some of the best high-temp gloves that we carry. These 22-ounce gloves have a length of 14 inches, so they deliver great coverage and protect against high heat. They're made of thick Kevlar® and can be purchased by the pair.

Each glove has wool lining, so it feels comfortable and keeps your hands warm. The material that is used to make these gloves is colored yellow. Currently, these gloves can only be purchased in the single XL size. Since they're made with Kevlar® material, these heat-resistant gloves are capable of handling high temperatures.

Each 22-ounce glove can protect your hands against temperatures up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit. However, they're only capable of handling such high temperatures for short durations of time. We recommend using these gloves for metal forging, glass blowing and foundries.

Since they're very thick, they provide superior heat resistance. Unfortunately, the thick material reduces dexterity. You can use these products for applications that require extreme heat protection. They'll protect your hands against sparks and flames, and they're frequently used for metal forging.
Features and Notes
  • Made with 14-inch Kevlar® material
  • Yellow safety color
  • Can handle up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Recommended for metal forging, foundries and glass blowing
  • Very thick and heat resistant
  • Minimal dexterity
  • Notes:
    • Available in Men's XL only
    • Prices shown are per pair.
  • Extreme Heat Protection
  • Flame and Spark Resistance
  • Foundries
  • Glass Blowing
  • Metal Forging
SKU ~ 214-WL
22 Ounce High Temp Gloves
14 inch
(Sold by the Pair)
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