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Safety Vests
Imprinting FAQ'S

Logo printing creates a permanent, high quality imprint at an affordable price. Custom logos or slogans may be imprinted on the front left, front right, and the back of our safety vests. In order to simplify the process and speed up the order, the FAQ's below should provide some valuable information.
Reasons to print logo's on the safety vests:

  • Use for corporate identity
  • Ideal for promotional products market
  • Perfect for commemorating ceremonial and special events
  • Worker/area identification or differentiation
  • Additional marketing for the company or business
  1. What can be printed on the safety vests?

    At this time we can print a wide variety of designs on a safety vests; however, we are pretty much limited to solid colors only. That is, we cannot do a blended color print on the vests. We can print text, designs, and up to 4 colors on the safety vests.  We require the customer to supply camera ready artwork for any custom logo.

  2. What is camera-ready artwork?

    Camera-ready artwork is a crisp and unblemished image of the logo to be printed on the safety vest. Black images on white or clear (transparent) background will work the best. We can specify the color with the Pantone number (described below). Most camera-ready artwork comes in a .eps or .ai format with 300 dpi or better. We can accept .jpegs, .bmp, and other formats; however, they may not be camera ready and/or need additional time to set up the logo.

  3. What is color separated artwork?

    A logo with two or more colors will work best if your artwork separates the colors so that they are not touching one another. At this time, we cannot print a blended color design. Only logo's with solid colors can be imprinted.

  4. What is NOT camera-ready artwork?

    Photocopy, letter head, business card, faxes, decals, stickers, etc. If you have an image that is blurry, has jagged lines, or blemishes, the copy on the safety vests would look even worse.

  5. What formats of electronic artwork are accepted?

    .TIF, .BMP, .EPS, .AI, .PDF, .JPG, .PSD, Word files, and CDR formats. The .EPS, and .AI files tend to work the best since they are vectored files. Keep in mind they need to be native formats and not just re-saved under another extension.

  6. What if I don't have camera-ready artwork of the logo?

    Check with the printer who printed your letterhead, business cards, etc., they can normally provide camera-ready artwork. We can generally use other artwork that is not necessarily camera ready; however, extra charges for graphics editing may be applied. If you still can't track down a useable logo, we would suggest having a graphics company design or re-design the company logo.

  7. Can you design a logo for me?

    At this time, we are not able to design a logo for you; however, we can generate simple text logo's. You might specify what font you would like and we can blow it up to fit the area of the vest. Most of the time, a simple Word document would work fine if you would like to e-mail it over.

  8. Can you color match the logo?

    We will attempt to color match each logo as requested. Please provide a specific PMS (PANTONE Matching System) number/color when submitting the order. If you do not know the PMS color code(s) for your logo, we recommend that you consult a graphic artist in your area who has access to a PMS Color Guide. Color guides are available online, but you must keep in mind that every monitor shows color differently and these should only be used as a rough estimate. Click Here for Pantone Chart. Keep in mind that not all colors are available with the printer; however, we should be able to make a close match.

  9. What if the vest color is used as part of the logo color?

    This will reduce the number of colors used in the pad print process; hence, saving you a set up charge. Basically, it will leave a "see through" in the logo showing the color of the vest.

  10. Can I mix the color or sizes of safety vests per order?

    Yes. The color mix and sizes will be considered in calculating the unit price break.  Note: The logo, configuration, and print colors must be the same on every safety vest. Otherwise, we will have to set up two distinct logo's.

  11. Does the print size vary per safety vest style?

    The first step is to get the design over to us by e-mail, standard mail, UPS, etc. Please specify the type of vest, color of vests, total number of vests to be printed, location of the logo, and the Pantone numbers for any colors in the logo. Or, if you like we have an online order/bid form that you can complete. Click Here

  12. What is the minimum order for imprinted safety vests?

    The minimum order on the printed safety vests is 24.  Keep in mind that the set up charges will be the same no matter how many hats you order. So, the cost per unit is much higher with smaller orders.

  13. Will I receive a proof of the logo before it is printed?

    Yes. A proof sheet will be faxed over for your approval before we start printing. This will show the Pantone number and the approximate size for the image on the vest. Some proofs can be sent by e-mail; however, it might take a little longer to do so.

  14. Can you print the same logo on different parts of the vest?

    We can print the same logo on the sides of the vests since they are the same. That is, the left side and the right side logo will only have one set up charge. The back logo will need separate plates due to the different printing window, so they would need a set up charge for each.

  15. How much does it cost?

    In order to print on the safety vests, there are two separate charges. The set up charge, which is a one time charge in order to build the plates. And secondly, there is an imprint charge.  This is the cost to actually stamp the vests. Click here for the updated prices.

  16. How long does it take to print the vests?

    Typically, it takes about 3-4 weeks for printing. If the logo is camera-ready that can speed up the process. Once the order has been placed and the logo sent to us in an acceptable format, we will process the order and send a final proof. That generally takes about a week. Once approved by the customer, the hats are generally printed within 7-14 days. Then of course, add any shipping time to your location.

  17. I would like to start an order or get a bid, how do I start?

    The first step is to get the design over to us by e-mail, standard mail, UPS, etc. Please specify the type of vest, color and sizes of vests, total number to be printed, location of the logo, and the Pantone numbers for any colors in the logo. Or, if you like we have an online order/bid form that you can complete. Click here to see the information page, then you can fill out the online form to get a firm price quote

  18. How do I send the artwork?

    The easiest and fastest way would be by e-mail. Be sure to attach the logo's in a high quality, camera ready format and send to the e-mail below. We can also accept high definition glossy prints of the logo. Whichever method you choose, please be sure to specify the type of vests, color of sizes of vests, amount to be printed, location of the logo, and the Pantone numbers for any colors in the logo.

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