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Working roadside can be a dangerous job, not only must workers watch out for traffic as it passes by, but weather and the time of day can affect the ability of a motorist to see the workers. Many times the conditions that exist would make it impossible for a motorist to see a worker at the side of the road if it were not for the safety clothing. All people who have the potential for working on the road should were some sort of safety clothing to ensure that they can easily be seen no matter what the conditions are. The purpose of safety clothing is to make the worker that is on the side of the road more visible, this will give the motorist more time to slow down or to move over to the other side of the road before they get too close to the worker. This advanced warning time can make all the difference between a safe working environment and a potential tragedy. It is crucial that each worker does everything they can to ensure that motorists can see them clearly in every circumstance.

To help workers in this effort the American National Standards Institute has developed a set of standards that helps the worker or his employer know what type of safety equipment is necessary for the employee to be seen clearly in the condition that they are working in. The ANSI standard is set by the color of the safety clothing as well as the amount of background material of the garment used and the amount of reflective material and where it is located. Each ANSI compliant garment is tagged with one of 3 class numbers that identifies what the garment is rated for. Class three is the highest class and offers the most amount of visibility; this safety clothing is for workers that are in high risk work such as when speeds exceed 50 mph, and when workers must put all of their attention on the work they are doing rather than watching for traffic. Ideal for utility workers, construction workers and emergency responders the ANSI Class 3 safety clothing provides the maximum amount of visibility available in a safety garment.

Class two safety clothing are for people that are working in areas where traffic is running between 25 - 55 mile per hour, and the weather is bad, or visibility is poor. Normally worn by crossing guards, airport workers and parking lot attendants, if the workers attention is going to be distracted from the traffic this is the ideal vest for them. Class one safety clothing is the least visible and reflective and normally reserved for delivery truck drivers, warehouse workers and lot attendants. These speeds are for less than 25 miles per hour and for those that can keep their attention on traffic at all times. If you are looking for safety clothing or more information about the type of safety clothing you should be wearing head over to Texas America Safety Company

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