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Design Information
  • Cuff Style
    Seamless palm with parallels seams on back of glove. This construction is best for cloth and light weight gloves. It is designed for a roomy fit.

  • Reversible Style
    This style is not as form fitting but gloves fit either hand and can be turned over when palm is worn out to double the life span .

  • Gunn Style
    Seamless back, horizontal seam in palm directly below center two fingers. This style is best for heavy duty gloves, the "Gunn" seam is in the natural crease of the hand and it is the most comfortable style.

  • Straight Thumb
    For closed fisted work (gripping). The seams are out of the work surface during gripping activities.

  • Wing Thumb
    For open handed work (pushing and pulling). The seams are out of the work surface during open handed activities

  • Keystone Thumb
    Use for same activities as wing thumb styles, but affords the strongest construction method. It is the most comfortable wearing glove.

  • Cuff Styles
    Cuff styles vary depending on the needs of the applications. The most common styles are: safety cuff, gauntlet cuff, band top, knit wrist and slip-on.

  • Cowhide:
    Cow leather is the most commonly used leather within the glove industry due to it's availability. It is warmer than pigskin and goatskin and the most heat resistant.

  • Goatskin:
    The natural Lanolin found in goat skin makes it one of the softest leathers. It is the most penetration proof of all leathers and very waterproof. This leather is highly recommended for applications requiring tactile sensitivity.

  • Pigskin:
    Pigskin has the greatest breathability due to its porous texture. Also, pigskin tends to become softer with use and is the most waterproof. When laundered, this leather will return to its natural soft texture quicker than other leathers. It is also the most economical

  • Deerskin:
    Known to be on of nature's most luxurious, softest leathers, providing all day comfort and sensitivity. It is the warmest of all leathers and also long wearing.

  • Grain
    Grain leather is the smooth outside of the hide. This type of leather provides durability, dexterity, and is the most luxurious.

  • Split
    Split leather is the rougher inside of the hide. The different types are Side, Shoulder, or Belly Split

    • Side Split - comes from the rib area of the animal. It is the most uniformed leather with less imperfection and the best for consumer appeal.

    • Shoulder Split - is more economical than side, but less durable. The additional movement of the animal in the shoulder area creates less fibers and a more visible texture difference.

    • Belly Split - Is the most economical; however, it has the least consistency of texture and appearance.

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