Work Gloves - Care and Maintenance

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The proper care and cleaning of gloves maximizes the safety and longevity of industrial hand protection. Maintaining the gloves on a regular basis will increase the glove life thereby increasing savings to the company. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure the glove protects the worker's hand.
  • Cleaning/Washing
    Gloves made of leather, synthetics, cotton, strings and unsupported will last longer and perform better when cleaned on a regular basis. Some gloves can withstand the rigors of laundering better than others. Leather, strings, and cotton can be commercially laundered with minimal shrinkage. Synthetics and unsupported gloves require greater care. A good practice of washing gloves on a set basis with running water while wearing will increase wear and slow contamination and permeation. Solvents may be utilized if water is not adequate for cleaning. Evaluation of chemicals involved is necessary for the specific cleaning solvent. It is recommended that before storing the gloves at the end of the work day, a final washing, then cloth drying be done.
  • Inspection
    It is important to have daily inspections prior to putting on the gloves to assure that no significant damage to either the outside or inside of the glove has occurred.
  • Storage
    The gloves should be stored in shelves or well-ventilated bins at normal room temperature away from direct sunlight

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