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What is more important than one's vision? The answer to that question is not much! Yet everyday persons are inflicted with eye injuries that could have been prevented by wearing proper safety glasses. When working around machinery, chemicals, flames of any kind, or even yard work, it is essential to protect one's eyes. All it can take for something to end up in a person's eye is a tiny particle from a welding torch, a chemical splashed in one's eye, or even a piece of a branch and the person might lose his sight. Once sight is gone, most often it is permanent.


Safety eye wear is easy to obtain and most are inexpensive so there is no excuse not to wear it. Employers are required to supply the proper safety eye wear should your job require it. This includes safety goggles and safety glasses, depending on the job. Welding goggles for example should protect not only against the hot pieces of metal and sparks that can fly off material while welding but also the bright light which, if looked at long enough, can cause severe damage to the eyes if not protected. Welding goggles are made dark in color so that eyes will be protected against the ultraviolet and infrared rays that are emitted from welding.


Goggles must also be scratch and heat resistant and should be antifogging to prevent accidents from occurring due to the inability to see properly. Goggles protect against chemical splashes better than safety glasses because they do not leave any space for chemicals to get into the eyes and they prevent vapors from damaging the eye.


Factory workers must also wear safety glasses if working in an environment where particles might come flying out of a machine or from the chemicals they may use in preparation and cleaning of the products.


The workplace is not the only place where safety glasses should be worn; however, one of the most overlooked places where eye injuries occur is at home. Eye injuries also occur when working on a vehicle on the side of the road should it have mechanical difficulties. Home workshops should always include at least one or two pairs of safety glasses and one should always carry a pair of safety glasses in the roadside emergency kit. Persons should always be proactive and determine if the task one is about to do might have particles that could fly up and get in the eye. If so, bring out the safety glasses! Safety eye wear should not just protect the front of the eyes but there should be a panel on the sides to keep things from flying up into the side of the safety glasses.


For a full line of safety glasses as well as all the other safety accessories a person or employer might need for the job site, home, or workshop, check out Texas America Safety Company's on-line catalog or give us a call. Our friendly associates take each call personally instead of having you listen to an automated answering service.


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