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Bifocal Safety Glasses

      Eye protection is of utmost importance in areas such as manufacturing plants, engineering shops, chemical plants and other industries where potential eye hazards exist. Texas America Safety Company is committed to offering the widest range of safety equipment including superior quality safety glasses such as bifocal safety glasses, magnification safety glasses, glare reduction glasses and welding safety glasses.


     Bifocal safety glasses are necessary for persons needing correction for close work. Bifocal safety glasses offer split lenses with magnification on the bottom for close working conditions and the top area for normal sight. It is essential to use certified safety eye protection. These safety glasses as with other types of safety eye wear can be personalized with the company logo. For assistance in choosing proper bifocal safety glasses, persons are welcome to call our expert consultants to help with advice in obtaining the best product for the individual environment. Texas America Safety Co. recommends bifocal safety glasses such as Smith and Wesson or complementing quality brand names.


     Workers may require bifocal safety glasses when they work on assembly lines or manufacturing plants for quality control. Where grinding machines and welding processes are used, bifocal safety glasses with a full face shield can be used to achieve maximum eye protection. Many eye injuries are the result of negligence of not wearing proper safety glasses and federal safety regulations for specific environments enforce the use of eye protection. Acid, paint spray, metal filings, dust, and smoke are all reasons to wear eye protection as well as in many other situations. Persons cannot be too careful in protecting their eyes and employers must ensure that proper protection is available and utilized in all potentially hazardous situations. Otherwise, a person's sight could be compromised.


     Prescription bifocal safety glasses can also be made for employees. Those interested may contact Texas America Safety Company regarding this option.


     Polycarbonate safety glasses with or without bifocal assistance will protect employees eyes from flying debris, etc. If some type of debris has ever struck your safety glasses while wearing them, you will be glad to have had the foresight to have worn them.



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