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Glove Guard Clips

Glove Guard Clips

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Fall Prevention Accessories
Utility Glove Guard Clips

Standard Glove Guards

The Glove Guard #1939 attaches to a belt loop or directly to a piece clothing

By keeping your gloves close at hand, a person is more likely to wear them when needed. The #1939 Glove Guard Clips are specially made to attach to a belt loop; however, the clip can be attached in many other ways. A recent test shows that the Glove Guard® has reduced recordable hand injuries by up to 96%. Many facilities have now made them mandatory in safety programs. These ingenious clips are completely dielectric and can be used for automotive, construction, maintenance, and electrical applications. We offer many different colors in stock. The Glove Guards are really handy. Try one out.

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Black Glove Guards
Blue Glove Guards
Granite Glove Guards
Green Glove Guards
Orange Glove Guards
Pink Glove Guards
Purple Glove Guards
Red Glove Guards
Yellow Glove Guards

  • Features 15 pound safety breakaway.
  • Made in the USA
  • Offered in a wide range of colors
  • Increase Safety Awareness
Glove Guard has many uses.
Not all of them even involve gloves!

Glove Guard has many uses.
Not all of them even involve gloves!
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Item # Description Price
Color - Quan.
1939 Glove Guards®
$4.50 $4.20 $3.95 $3.75

  Available Colors:  
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Granite
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Yellow
Standard Glove Guards

Glove Guards With Safety Slogans

We also offer an imprinting service for your Glove Guard Clips. We carry a wide range of safety slogans and can print on whichever color you might like. The slogans are printed on both sides and made to order. The printed clips will generally take 3-5 days to ship direct from the factory. Now, with an imprinted message, your company can promote a safety message while also providing a useful tool to keep gloves close at hand and ready for use! Increases both safety awareness and hand safety.

Item # Price
Slogan Color Quan
1939ss $4.50 $4.20 $3.95 $3.75
Glove Guards With Slogans Minimum order 24 units
Available in lots of 12
For more information about having your custom message or logo imprinted on either Glove Guards® or Utility Guards® give us a call at:   1-800-646-5346 Toll Free
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