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Cold Weather Safety Products

This page is devoted to our cold weather safety products. We have all your cold weather safety supplies on one page. We carry a wide assortment of winter work gloves, winter liners, balaclava hoods, and many other warming products. Be prepared on the next cold weather work day.

Tasco offers a wide range of yellow raincoats, 3 piece rainsuits, and other type of foul weather gear. We also keep many sizes in stock starting at size small and all the way up to a size 7X in a few versions.
Texas America Safety Company is now stocking a wide range of hard hat winter liners. We now carry standard winter liners, FR winter liners; as well as, tube liners, Balaclava liners, and more.
The Ultimate Cold Weather Spoilers...
for keeping your workforce, troop or team warm, comfortable, productive and protected, even in freezing temperatures.

Fall, winter and cold environment comfort products

OccuNomix® Cold Weather Winter Liners

Texas America safety company carries a full line of cold weather winter liners. We carry both shoulder length, neck length, and also flame resistant winter liners

Standard Winter Zero Hoods

Another full page of hard hat zero hoods. These winter liners can be attached into the harness of your hard hat for additional warmth on cold weather days

Cold Weather Sweat Liners

The Headline It sweat liners also work great on a cold weather day. The Liner pulls perspiration away from the skin and evaporates it on a continual basis. This keeps the head dryer and thus warmer in the winter

Hard Hat Tube Cold Weather Liners

We are carrying both the full face and half face hard hat liners. We are also keeping the tube liners in red, blue, and FR flame resistant gray.

Fleece Balaclava Winter Hoodies

The Balaclava Winter Hoodies are a very soft and warm winter safety product. We carry several different colors in stock. These hoods can be worn in many different ways depending on cold weather conditions.

Multifunctional Winter Gaiters

The Multifunctional Gaiter can be worn in 10 different ways. This cold weather safety product can be adjusted to be worn in many ways. Offers warmth in a very soft and flexible liner

Cold Weather Warming Packs

The Hot Rod Warming Packs provide warmth within a minute or two. Once activated these little tabs offer all day warming. Hot Rods are bio-degradeable and non toxic

Fleeced Lined Grain Cowhide Glove

The cowhide work gloves are an economical version of the driver gloves with a white fleece lining. Comes in sizes SM-XL and sold by the dozen

Premium Cowhide Driver with Thermal Lining

The 999w cowhide gloves is another great cold weather glove. These cowhide gloves have a thermal lining which is similar to a cotton knit. These gloves are very durable and comfortable.

Cold Weather Leather Work Glove with Pile Lining

This #5558p glove is very similar to the standard leather work glove. It has a cowhide palm, knuckle strap, and leather fingertips with a canvas backing.

Fleeced Lined Grain Cowhide Cold Weather Work Glove

The cowhide fleece lined work gloves are an economical version of the leather driver gloves. The 5015K has a fleece lining that adds an extra degree of thickness for both warmth and heat resistance.

Premium Pigskin Winter Work Glove with Thinsulate Lining & Knit Wrist

This Premium Pigskin glove with Thinsulate lining is one of our best cold weather work gloves. This glove has a premium grain pigskin palm/fingertips and comes with a knit wrist for added protection.

Premium Pigskin Winter Glove with Thinsulate Lining and Safety Cuff

This glove also has a premium grain pigskin palm and fingertips.

Premium Pigskin Full Leather Cold Weather Work Glove with Thinsulate Lining

This glove offers a full leather designed for maximum comfort and dexterity. The Thinsulate lining offers excellent warmth without the bulk of a heavy lining. This driver glove is very comfortable, flexible, and stylish.

Premium Grain Pigskin Waterproof Driver Glove

This Premium Grain Pigskin glove has a ThermosockĀ® Lining, 3MĀ® Retro-Reflective Striping, and knit wrist. The palm is a premium black pigskin with a wing thumb design.

Cotton Polyester String Knit Insert Gloves

The Cotton Polyester string knit gloves can be worn by themselves, or as a glove liner. The tight fitting cotton material is an economic way to add layering to stay warm on cold days

Brown Jersey Cotton Winter Work Gloves

The brown jersey glove is another widely used light cold weather glove. The brown jersey fit snug to your hands and can also be used as a liner with another glove on the outside.

Fleeced Lined Brown Jersey Gloves

The fleeced lined brown jersey glove has a slip-on cuff and a red fleece lining for extra warmth, protection, and durability. One of our most popular cold weather safety products

Mechanix® Climate Control Winter Work Gloves

The Mechanix Wind Resistant Zone 2 glove in our most popular contoured cold weather glove. The Reinforced fingertips have a heavier fleece which creates a comfortable, yet practical shield against wind chill and the frigid air

Mechanix® Thermal Knit Cold Weather Work Gloves

The Mechanix Thermal Knit glove offers a palm coating for superior grip, flexibility and waterproof protection. This tight fitting gloves offers the best cold weather protection with dexterity.

Mechanix® Wind Resistant Cold Weather Gloves

With its full nylon shell, wind resistant lining, and water resistant rubberized palm, the Winter Armor glove provides protection against the elements so that you can get the job done.

High Vis Premium Grain Pigskin Waterproof Driver Glove

This item is the MCR Premium Grain Pigskin Waterproof Driver Glove. It comes with a Black Pigskin Material with extra padding for cold days. This glove also has a reflective backing for additional visibility

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Texas America Safety Company is offering free ground shipping over $500.00 on most of our products. This special applies to all products except gloves, rainsuits, and Gatorade due to the extreme weight of these items.

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